by Delete The Mass

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released March 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Delete The Mass Athens, Greece

DELETE THE MASS is a grindcore / death metal act based on Athens, Greece, formed in 2009.

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Track Name: Εκκένωση Του Κόσμου
Όταν το μίσος σιμώσει τη βία
Κι όταν η μανία για λεφτά και εξουσία σβήσει
Τότε θα σημάνει και η εκκένωση του κόσμου
Λόγια τρελά σαν τα λογικά μου
Σφιχτά σαν τις αλυσίδες μου
Ηττημένος από όλους
Νικητής του εαυτού μου
Εαν η προφητεία για το μίσος και τη βία ισχύει
Τότε θα πεθάνω στην εκκένωση του κόσμου κι εγώ
Ασ' τα μοιρολόγια, πάτα εδώ σταθερά
Φτύσε τους μικρόβια, μόλυνέ τους τα νερά
Κι αν πεθάνεις, δε γαμιέται...
Track Name: Copy / Paste
Clones! Fucked up clones in same old songs
Clown! Sing with your own voice at least
Slaves of the mass, bound to the mainstream stage
Begging for a gig to play and keep in pace with mob's requirements
A royal show, preliminary study for every word
Your label hangs around for your notes
Tune again, otherwise you'll get yourself killed from a fucked up label
Write a song for your life
It will be a copy-pasted requiem
What's your job you dirty cunt?
Playing dirty music?
If you believe that you're extreme go fix a drainage or die
Chorus, copy-paste
Verse parts, copy-paste
And the bridge, copy-paste
A copy-pasted requiem
Versus, copy-paste
Open-minded, copy-paste
Heart of music, copy-paste
A copy-pasted requiem
Tune again, otherwise you'll get yourself killed from a fucked up label
The metronome of your life seems to be inacurate though
Your project seems to be pessimistic
Your life though seems to be optimistic
Slaves of the mass
Of the mass...
Track Name: Agonist
You are fool
You fight a bull with red cloack
No fight at all
Fighter of show-off
You are fool and liar
You are fool, rot
All undead of the mass
Wound up robots of the mass
Track Name: Concrete
They steal your days, they leave you no space
They put you on the wall just because
Always you want them all
They pull the trigger, you grab the bullet
They throw you bait, you toss the bullet
Always you want them all
After all, people who demand
Spare a coin to the beggar, otherwise they‘re wrong
When you ask and you don’t pay back
Your demand is a fraud
Turn around and look at the wall
That’s your place, that’s your role
The empty space of the concrete
No more emotions, no more demanding
Nothing but only some rocks with the use of an only thing
Material for your grave
Now the mass is screaming for freedom
And the king is staring at the wall
When the king falls from the throne
Someone from the mass will rule the world
And same… wall again… all fail…
Honestly I am sick of this thing, do your part
Smash the bullet, puke the bait
Two steps back, then charge and smash the wall
Track Name: Feed Me
It all begins with his arrival
The coward from the nightmares
He came to ask an invitation
For my secret palace
I told him "You are welcome to my misery my friend"
Now feed me, feed me
Feed me, feed me
With the spawns of blindness
You licked my balls for great rewards
And now you'll try to persuade me
Track Name: The Essence Of Existence
I have four elements available
Abomination, devastation, "χάος" and "πάθος"
The devastation is the deal
And "χάος" is the way you deal
Abomination is unique
And "πάθος"... what the fuck is that?
This is a pure dependency
The essence of existence
And when "χάος" meets "πάθος"
Devastate 'till the end of line
And when "πάθος" meets "χάος"
Abominate 'till the end of line
The end of the line
The end of fuckin' line
Track Name: Ain't Care
I have grown up there
The place that they call Earth
My life, part of planet, part of universe
If I die universe is damaged
You say that you care for planet Earth like a mother for son
Son of a bitch you must be
You say that your "project for green power" is under investigation
Fuck you son, son of a bitch
Look! I'm falling now...
But you don't care 'cause you don't fall
Imagine if someone had pushed you
You would have been falling forever and calling your mother for help
But she won't come, she won't come
Your mother is Earth you murderer
She won't come, she won't come
Your mother is Earth and you have murdered her
And I don't care
Ain't care
That soon enough your mother will swallow you
Life for life
Track Name: The Yard
I am not to blame for your crimes
I am not to fuckin’ blame
For your crimes and for their tricks
I was playing at the yard
While they were tax evading
Well, they just threw me in a place with beliefs
Of corruption and evasion
I only accept my own mistakes
Nothing more and nothing less
Now you grab me by my neck
You try to make me feel that I don’t deserve all I’ve got
All the things I’ve earned, you cannot take them from me
You fuckin’ thief, liar
I am not to blame for your crimes
I was playing at the yard while they were tax evading
Track Name: Διαφημιστικό Σποτ: Γυρισταί Κλωτσαί
Moshpit! Ξύλα! Μπάφοι! Ξύδια!
Grindcore για γερά αρχίδια!
Νιώθω μέσα μου ενέργεια!
Να ξυπνάει! Να πεινάει! Να ζητάει! Να λυσσάει!
Κι όλο! Όλο! Όλο! Όλο!
Πιο πολύ μου κάνει τα μυαλά μου να γυρνάνε!
Χώσε κι εσύ μια γυριστή κλωτσιά!
Ειναι εντελώς τσάμπα!
Μέσα σε μπουντρούμια!
Blast και d-beat!
Όλοι διασκεδάζουν!
Κρόσσαρε κι εσύ!
Φωτιά μες στο moshpit!
Blast και d-beat!
Κάνει καλό μια φορά το μήνα να χώνεις moshpit!!!
Track Name: Sorrowful Occasion
One more touch from you is just more than enough
For me to see that there is no heaven
One man, one life, unexpected snap death
So quick, so proud, that I can't cry for him
All those tears that I have shed are not for his loss
I cry because he's not with me
You can't... - Have you ever buried someone?
...understand pain - Answer to yourself
You fucking cunt... - Have you ever thought that you are...
...you can't understand pain - ...the sorrowful occasion?
You have not
Track Name: Στάχτες
Αν ο φόβος με κάνει πιστό
Η πίστη θα θεριεύει μπροστά στο θάνατο
Αν σωθώ δίχως να 'μουν σωστός
Η πίστη να 'ναι το τέλμα, θάνατος να 'ναι η ζωή
Αν το τέλος είναι η ίδια η ζωή
Ας ήμουν νεκρός, ας μην είχα ζήσει ποτέ
Αν είσαι θεός
Δώσ' μου τη δύναμη να βρω το φως
Αν είσαι δαίμονας
Φτιάξε με στάχτη φωτιά, χτίσε συντρίμμια
Αν απ' τη φωτιά βγω ζωντανός
Τότε λοιπόν να η αλήθεια
Track Name: Epyllion
Desperate cry for devious bastards
Use dissonance and deafen 'em all
Innocent anger for pig-heart lions
Quit the crying and think with soul
Stubborn faces in a drama
Worthless actors with no karma
My epyllion deletes them all
Dissention is a trend that everybody has to follow to the graveyard, though
Track Name: Κοινή Γνώμη
Στα δυο σου μάτια διακρίνω το μίσος
Πύρινο βλέμμα με πόθο μονάχα φλόγες να ξερνά
Με φόρα πηδάς στο κενό
Στου μένους την πλάνη γελιέσαι
Κάθε φορά θα ξεσπάς δίχως στοχο να 'χεις
Στη λούπα έχεις πέσει με μέτρα δικά σου να πείσεις
Τη γνώμη της μάζας, βαπτίζοντας την κοινή
Είναι μια γνώμη καλά βολεμένη για πλήθος
Μια γνώμη για μάζες ανθρώπων δίχως να 'χουν ζωή
Στη μάζα διακρίνω λοιπόν τον υπέρτατο εχθρό μου
Κι όχι το κάθε μπουρδέλο που την εκπροσωπεί
Το άβουλο πλήθος με μίσος με σπρώχνει στο βούρκο
Το άβουλο πλήθος για μένα ο μόνος εχθρός
Ο μόνος εχθρός
Γνώμες ανθρώπων-κουμπιά
Απόψεις σχηματίστηκαν με μάτια κλειστά
Ψάξε στους δρόμους να βρεις
Εκεί μέσα στη βρώμα θα τρομάξεις να διακρίνεις την αλήθεια
Απ' τους δρόμους
Για τους δρόμους
Μες στους δρόμους
Δίχως νόμους
Track Name: Mind Pollution
How can you call this mind pollution education?
The education system is the schooling of our filthy system
Eternalizing methods for the mass obliteration
In school you fuckin’ learn what means oppression and depression
No one is destined to rule
But I never learn that
No one is able to lead and command
Human and nature
They want to make us see the light
They push their fingers in our eyes
They want to do the best for us
They want to make us outcasts
Track Name: Mora
Her hug is paralyzing
Her breath inside my breath
Hung over from my nightmares
This is Mora
Although you have your senses
It feels like you’re inside a dream
Although you cannot move
It’s like you’re going straight to hell
With no arms
With no legs
With no muscles
With no strength
Only will but so much panic
This is Mora
Believe it or not, she chooses her target
She sets the game and gives you the permission not to play
This is Mora
Simulation in reality
Let’s try to describe
Greek pressure
European pressure
World pressure
Fuck them all
One day I will wake up powerful
And give an end to this state of numbness
One day it will be game over
For the sake of my spawns
Game over